Let’s Pause For a Little Auction!!

==> 9 Copies of Anthem, by Ayn Rand <==

Ayn Rand’s novella was first published in 1938. It is the story of a man in the far distant future who questions his society which is ruled by an anti-intellectual, authoritarian dictatorship. Given only a number at birth as a designation, the man uses his mind to grasp new ideas and knowledge about man and nature, even though these things have been banned by the socialist government. Anthem was one of Rand’s earliest publicized works of fiction.

I’m going to run an informal auction using FB to sell these copies of Anthem. Let’s see how this goes. Proceeds will go to the Dallas County Libertarian Party general fund. The copies of the book are in very good condition, with hardly any blemishes at all. I had to remove some stickers from the front covers, but I did a pretty good job at removing the residue. The books all appear basically like-new. Each book was originally priced at $7.99 according to the back cover at the date of printing (which was, from what I can tell, 1995).

If you want to bid on them, please visit this FB event page and type in your bid amount in the appropriate comment section. If someone else wants to bid higher than you, they will beat your bid in a subsequent comment. Bidding ends at the date and time the FB event is scheduled, and I will announce the winner. (If you don’t have access to FB, e-mail me and I’ll place a bid on your behalf.)

Buy them and give out copies to your friends, or people who could really use the brain food. Or just keep all 9 of them for yourself, you greedy individual. :)

Place your bid below. Thanks everyone!


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August 2013 LPDC Newsletter!

Enjoy the August 2013 edition of the Libertarian Party of Dallas County newsletter!

As usual, thanks to all authors!

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A bit tardy, but enjoy the June 2013 edition of the LPDC Newsletter!!

Thanks to all authors who contributed! :)


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Dallas Liberty Forum featuring Reason Editor Jacob Sullum – June 18

Join us for the Dallas Liberty Forum featuring Reason Magazine Editor Jacob Sullum!

libertarian party end the drug war

Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00 PM
Texas Land and Cattle Steak House
812 South Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080


Jacob Sullum editor reason magazine

Jacob Sullum – Senior Editor at Reason Magazine

Jacob Sullum is a senior editor at Reason Magazine and Reason.com, and a nationally syndicated columnist. He is the author of two critically acclaimed books:

Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use

For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health

Evening’s Schedule

7:00 – Dinner with Various Speakers

8:00 – Jacob Sullum – “Voodoo Pharmacology: Drug Use and Loss of Control”

8:45 – Q&A

The event is free to attend, but check out the menu for food items (select from the silver group dining menu):

Texas Land and Cattle – Group Dining Menu

Kids’ Menu

RSVP on Meetup

RSVP on Facebook

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April 2013 LPDC Newsletter!


Hi All,

Everyone enjoy the April 2013 edition of the LPDC Newsletter!!

As always, thanks to all authors!


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