December 2013 LPDC Newsletter!

Enjoy the December, 2013 edition of the Libertarian Party of Dallas County newsletter!!

Thanks as always to all authors!

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October 2013 LPDC Newsletter!

Enjoy the October 2013 edition of the Libertarian Party of Dallas County newsletter!!

As usual, a big thank-you to all of our authors and contributors!

Update: Whoops, found a boo-boo already. If you’re looking for the correct link to Peter Schiff’s video, here it is:


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LPDC Contributor Memberships – Support Liberty in Dallas!

We’re already gearing up for the 2014 election season, and we need your help to get ready. The Libertarian Party of Dallas County is pleased to announce a new way to support liberty and receive some cool swag at the same time! Click the big blue button to see how you can help out.

Join Us

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Run for Office in 2014!

Hi All,

The time is approaching to considering running for office in 2014 on the Libertarian Party ticket! The filing deadline is earlier this year, so heads up. Running for office is the single best thing you can do as an individual to promote and advocate libertarian ideas!

There are plenty of positions to fill at the state and local levels. A few references of these positions are listed below. You can run for an open State Representative position all the way down through County Clerk.

Of course the LP welcomes hard-fought campaigns at all levels from principled candidates. However, we also welcome principled “paper candidates” in many cases. Such campaigns allow the voter to choose freedom on Election Day as an alternative to the two mainstream political parties but don’t put a heavy burden on the campaigner who simply can’t commit to a full-fledged campaign.

Whichever is the case, we’d love to get to know you and hear about your intent to run for office! We can give you all the requirements with the state (including deadlines, etc) so that you can make sure your candidacy is in compliance. In many situations, we can also help you find volunteers and donors (especially in your area) which might get you moving on a more-visible campaign. For example, many candidates like to form an exploratory committee before deciding which office would be best for them to try for.

Also, we have an upcoming event mini-conference in Fort Worth, hosted by the Libertarian Party of Texas, which will help you become a better activist, both in and out of candidate mode:

Remember, running for office gives you a voice which allows you to advocate liberty in a much more public manner, so it is very useful to the libertarian movement.

If you are interested, message the Dallas County chair Paul Petersen, myself, or one of the other Dallas Libertarian Party officers!

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Let’s Pause For a Little Auction!!

==> 9 Copies of Anthem, by Ayn Rand <==

Ayn Rand’s novella was first published in 1938. It is the story of a man in the far distant future who questions his society which is ruled by an anti-intellectual, authoritarian dictatorship. Given only a number at birth as a designation, the man uses his mind to grasp new ideas and knowledge about man and nature, even though these things have been banned by the socialist government. Anthem was one of Rand’s earliest publicized works of fiction.

I’m going to run an informal auction using FB to sell these copies of Anthem. Let’s see how this goes. Proceeds will go to the Dallas County Libertarian Party general fund. The copies of the book are in very good condition, with hardly any blemishes at all. I had to remove some stickers from the front covers, but I did a pretty good job at removing the residue. The books all appear basically like-new. Each book was originally priced at $7.99 according to the back cover at the date of printing (which was, from what I can tell, 1995).

If you want to bid on them, please visit this FB event page and type in your bid amount in the appropriate comment section. If someone else wants to bid higher than you, they will beat your bid in a subsequent comment. Bidding ends at the date and time the FB event is scheduled, and I will announce the winner. (If you don’t have access to FB, e-mail me and I’ll place a bid on your behalf.)

Buy them and give out copies to your friends, or people who could really use the brain food. Or just keep all 9 of them for yourself, you greedy individual. :)

Place your bid below. Thanks everyone!

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