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We are encouraging everyone to contribute their articles to the Libertarian Party of Dallas County newsletter! Send your submissions to submissions@lpdallas.org


– Length should be minimum of 2 sentences and maximum somewhere around 2 pages (although even this is flexible).

– Graphics (photos or clip art) are encouraged to accompany your submission. If you don’t have any, though, don’t worry — I’ll likely find something appropriate on my own.

– I reserve the right to reject any irrelevant articles on those grounds. (i.e. A submission will be rejected if it is both non-libertarian related and non-LPDC related.)

– If a submission is accepted, I reserve the right to edit the wording and structure, if necessary, to clean it up. I will not edit for content or intent, and changes are subject to the approval of the author.

– No profanity (unless perhaps it is absolutely imperative to your point), and no threats.

– Newsletters are subject to the approval of the marketing committee chair (or temporary surrogate).

Everyone should be able to find something to write about from time to time. I believe it is easiest to write when you are upset about something. Ironically, this “inspires” you to fight back, at least in words. Suggestions might include upcoming meeting notices, philosophy discussions, city council activities, analysis of bad government programs, reactions to recent news headlines, reports on an event you recently attended, and the like.

Enjoy writing — and thanks a bunch!


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