Get Involved

Think, Talk, Vote, Act!

The Libertarian Party of Dallas County is a grassroots political organization. It does not receive any government funding and does not receive periodic bailouts. Most of the day-to-day work of the party and the campaigns is done by volunteers like you and me. Here’s how you can get involved:

Stay Informed
Subscribe to the Official LPDC email list – You can subscribe on the right sidebar of the website. This is a low traffic list with announcements and others news. Make sure you at least join this list!
Twitter – Follow @LPDallas for tweets from the local and national liberty issues.
Facebook – Join the Dallas County Libertarian Party group to informally, “Friendly” interaction with other liberty oriented people.

Attend Events – Join the Dallas Libertarian Meetup group to  be notified of events. Expect to attend strategic, volunteer, candidate support, educational, and liberty events around the Metroplex.
Liberty Chat – Join the Liberty Chat mail list if you are interested in discussion with local libertarians on a variety of topics.  This interactive lightly moderated email list is open for all individuals to initiate and respond to political discussion other topics that are out of the scope of the other forums.

Spread the Word
Email your friends about the website, retweet us, comment on Facebook, or invite your colleagues to Meetup events.

Help organize an event, join a campaign, or volunteer at a booth.

Become a Precinct Chair
Click here to apply.

Run for Office
Become a candidate and help preserve Libertarian ballot access. Get elected and legislate liberty.

Make a financial contribution to keep the website operational, support candidates, and maintain a presence at liberty-oriented events.  Click the button below to donate: