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Libertarian Party of Dallas County Contact List

Public Relations and General Information:


Mailing address
Libertarian Party of Dallas County
P.O. Box 180051
Dallas TX 752180051


Dallas County Libertarian Party
Executive Committee 2016-2018

(Elected March 12, 2016 by the delegates to the Dallas County Libertarian Party Convention and added to by the Executive Committee on June 19, 2016,
September 11, 2016, and March 26,2017.)


Paul Peterson- Copy - Copy (120x120)
Paul Petersen – Chair Blog Posts
214 405 3706

Curry Taylor – Vice Chair

Jim Birchfield – Secretary

Curry Taylor – Treasurer

Executive Committee Members

eddie allen_120
Eddie Allen

Marshall Beerwinkle

Aubrey Eyrolles

Tatiana Farrow

Eugene Flynn 120
Eugene Flynn

Kevin Frederickson

Justin Long

Elle Rosen

Barry Smith 1 - Copy (120x120)
Barry Smith

Working Committee Chairs

Marketing – Aubrey Eyrolles

Outreach – (Currently Vacant)

Candidate Recruiting – Barry Smith

Fundraising – (Currently Vacant)

Precinct Chairs

1004 Jordan Wagnon
1022 Paul Petersen
1036 Aubrey Eyrolles
1048 Marshall Beerwinkle
1052 Justin Long
1059 David Morris
1060 Manuel Escamilla
1090 Barry Smith
1126 Kevin Frederickson
1135 Tatiana Farrow
1703 Rebecca Paddock
2010 James Birchfield
2225 Tommy Attaway
2407 Michael Dooling
2706 Curry Taylor
2707 Brian Booker
2715 Loretta Labrada
2927 Rosalie Riker
3009 Eugene Flynn
4050 Tim Miles
4616 John Lindsay
4620 Ben Sanders
4655 Laird Rixford

Chairs for precincts not listed above may be appointed by the
Dallas County LP Executive Committee.
Click here to apply.