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Eminent Domain Is Always A Violation Of Our Rights – No Exceptions

Senator Don Huffines recently wrote an editorial piece for the Dallas Morning News in favor of the use of eminent domain – in this case specifically in support of a high-speed rail system between Dallas and Houston. Everyone (rightly) pilloried … Continue reading

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Police Drone Crashes Into… Police Armored Vehicle

Here is a story that will have you laughing while simultaneously worrying about the increase of unmanned surveillance drones: Apparently the 5-0 down in Montgomery County had a lovely photo op planned to show off their $300,000 new unmanned … Continue reading

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“…everything in our power…”

President Obama recently submitted his proposed $3.8 trillion budget for the fiscal year starting October 1. Not suprisingly, it calls for new/increased taxes on “the wealthy” (my quotes) and short-term spending measures to boost job growth and help the middle … Continue reading

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Jacob Sullum of Reason in Euless Tonight – Thursday, Feb 2nd at 8 pm

Jacob Sullum of Reason magazine will be in Euless tonight, speaking about “Loony Liquor Laws”. The talk starts at 8:00 pm, and is part of something called “Liberty on the Rocks”, which couldn’t be more up my alley.  Unfortunately, I … Continue reading

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Teachers, Parents, and Taxpayers in Uproar Over DISD School Closings

Teachers, parents, and taxpayers are in an uproar over the recent DISD decision to close 11 schools. See recent coverage of this by Dallas Morning News ( and The Observer ( Note that these controversial actions only cover $11.5 million of … Continue reading

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