2017 Alan Ross Pride Festival a Success for the LPDC!

This year’s gay pride festival was a great success! Nine Dallas County LP volunteers worked all day long to reach out to the LGBTQ community. Some volunteers worked all eight hours, and some helped with setup and teardown. Thanks to you all!

We had people take over 400 World’s Smallest Political Quizzes, and found a lot of libertarians in the process! We also added free face painting this year (thanks to Elle), as well as registered people to vote (thanks to Aubrey, Joe, and Tatiana)! We even handed out special prizes (Libertarian and Stonewall posters) to people who scored high on the quiz.

We were received very well by most attendees, and had a great (though exhausting) time. Looking forward to next year!

If you’d like to help support continued outreach and marketing programs like this, consider a donation to the LPDC, below.


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