Eminent Domain Is Always A Violation Of Our Rights – No Exceptions

Senator Don Huffines recently wrote an editorial piece for the Dallas Morning News in favor of the use of eminent domain – in this case specifically in support of a high-speed rail system between Dallas and Houston.

Everyone (rightly) pilloried United Airlines for their violent “re-accommodation” of a customer this week, and most reasonable people thought that the solution was for United to continue to offer higher compensation until they were able to get four passengers willing to take the deal.

How is this high-speed rail plan any different? If they want someone’s land, pay them what it takes to get them to sell it to you. If the price gets too high, make other plans. That is what it means for it to be “their land.”

The desires of the many do not outweigh the rights of the individual, no matter how numerous the “many” or popular their desires.


Read the editorial piece by Mr. Huffines here:


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  1. Eugene says:

    Thank you for posting this Paul. Eminent domain has been abused for too long.

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