We Need Liberty Candidates in 2013 – Dallas County Local Races

We just finished an amazing election season, but it is already time to start looking ahead. In May of 2013 local governments and school boards will hold elections for non-partisan offices. These represent some of the best opportunities for liberty candidates to get elected. Just ask Libertarian Ed Tidwell, who was just elected to the Lago Vista, Texas, City Council!

These races are important, because so many attacks on liberty remain unnoticed at the local level. If you want to fight eminent domain abuses, government owned businesses, bridges to nowhere, attacks on free speech, and rampant crony capitalism, this is your chance!

Many cities and school boards have at least a couple of seats up for election. There are also some Dallas County Schools seats, which are great opportunities because fewer people follow these races, so an active candidate could make a lot of headway there. For a complete list, CLICK HERE for a document showing all Dallas County elected offices. The local offices start on page 5 of the document. If you look at the right column, you can see the year each seat is up for reelection. Those listed as 2013 are the ones for this year.

Please look at this list and consider running for office. But don’t wait too long. It’s only 6 months until the election, which isn’t much time to get organized and get the word out. The filing period ends March 1 (NB: with so many political subdivisions up for election there is some variation, so it is important to double check the details specific to each office). See the election schedule at the Secretary of State’s site here:


If anyone has an interest in running for local office, please let us know and we can help you find out which races are going on in your area and how to file.

You can e-mail me at djordan1681@yahoo.com or call 214-766-3613.

Eugene Flynn is also supremely knowledgeable about all things political. E-mail him at DallasLP3009@gmail.com

Any on the LP Dallas executive committee can help as well:


Thanks everyone!!

Jordan Wagnon

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  1. eugeneflynn says:

    I know nothing of local election. Jordan is the expert. djordan1681@yahoo.com or call 214-766-3613.

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